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Work order dispatching

Garmin nuvi 2597 LMT, navigation system display for cars
One of the solutions: Garmin


A company delivering goods or services needs efficiency and flexibility. On the one hand you need a strict process to plan ahead and maximise the usage of resources, on the other hand you need to be able to react to last minute requests of customers and suppliers and unforeseen circumstances.

Which benefints brings work order dispatching?
And which solution of ubinam work order management is the best for you?

Digital communication

Dispatcher sitting at his desk with computer, wall calendar, binders, telephones and headset managing his drivers and workers - easier with ubinam Tracking live
Less telephoning

Does your dipatching include a lot of paper work and phone calls? Saving time is made easy with ubinam Tracking Live platform. Work orders created on the web platform are sent to navigation system's display of the driver in real time. That ensures that these are delivered independently from the driver's availability. As soon as the driver starts the work order with one click the navigation will beginn.
A further benefit is that you only need to have a look on the live map to see the progress of the driver's work.

So both of you can concentrate on your tasks that add value and leave you more time to take care of your business and your customers.

Graphical tour planning

Example for digital tour planning on ubinam Tracking live platform with a four destination route
Planning tours on a digital map with ubinam

The digital map on ubinam Tracking Live platform makes tour planning easy. In just a few steps you can compare different routes, add or remove stops, decide which streets to drive or wheather to take the Autobahn or not. You can figure out the best route for your requirements and needs and for that of your customers.

And how to plan tours?

  1. Create orders on the map or import them electronically.
  2. Allocate orders to drivers with one click.
  3. Arrange orders by drag and drop. Optimising the sequence of orders is simple that way.
  4. Change everything you need to at any time. These changes will be sent to driver's navigation system immediately.

That allows you to predict accurately the time and distancde to travel to destination. The import of every change is displayed immediately.

Choose the work order type for your business

Stacks of various crates for bottles symbolizing the diverent choices to make
What type of orders does your business need?

Depending on your business you will need different types of work orders. On our ubinam Tracking live platform we offer you a variety of usefull, customary ones. Some examples:

  • For most of the service providers a simple one-destination order is all they need.
  • A courier or a logistic company needs the two-destination orders for collection and delivery.
  • There are even more specific features available: For earth transports e.g. you can chose "gravel" and ubinam Tracking live will offer you all the stored gravel pits.
  • Other industries may need composit work orders because one order depends on one ore more others.

On ubinam Tracking live you have all of these.

And if you need more individual processes, we make it possible. Just ask us!

Immediate feedback

Diplay with pop-up message saying that the worker reached the end of his daily working time. Addressee can choose to answer or to open message
Immediate feedback with ubinam Tracking live and Garmin or ubinam app

Next to the current position of your worker there is some more information a dispatcher needs to know. Both you and the worker have the possibility to send messages to each other via Garmin or app. You can be up to date without making phone calls.

  • Automatic feedback: At navigation start, interruption or arrival the display will send a status update. A automatically update about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is sent to the server at every route start or update.
  • Short messages: The dispatcher can save short messages that drivers can sent just with few clicks. Those can be used for time management and task reporting.
  • Messages: Messages can be sent between Garmin and ubinam Tracking live with individual text.

Work time management

ubinam app for recording work time on smartphone (silver HTC)
One feature: Work time recording

Work time can be recorded for one person or a team. A variety of tasks can be defined for further details. E.g. "Working on electrical", "Installation", "Unloading" and many more. Workers can choose what task they are starting out of a list.
That has a lot of benefits:

  • Less typing and filling out of forms for the workers
  • Real time updates on the dispatcher's computer
  • Through transparency there are less disputes with workers or customers
  • Less abuse
  • Legal regulations concerning work time recording can be followed


You can also get a solution for monitoring the operating time of maschinery and small machines.

Comprehensive Reporting

Example for work time recording report with time of start and end of work and working hours as displayed on ubinam Tracking live
Reporting with ubinam Tracking live

As figures are very important for management, a dispatcher's job also is to report. That does not have to require tiresome paperwork. With an app or Garmin and ubinam Tracking live it is made automatically. You can get a wide range of reports just as you need them. Those may be:

  • Work time recording
  • Electronic trip log
  • Fleet or car pool appraisal
  • Reports of arrivals and departure
  • Order specific reports
  • Individual reports

The manager can view them online or export them in the file formats .pdf, .html and .csv. Predefined reports can be automatically sent by mail or FTP.

Full process integration & customised solutions

printing process at the Süddeutsche Zeitung: Newspapers on a production line
Process integration with ubinam Tracking live

Every industry has its own processes. And every company follows its own policies, uses its own software accordingly. ubinam understands your businesses and helps you integrating the telematic solutions you choose in your IT.

  • Your processes can electronically integrated, exporting and importing data. For instance the work orders can be automatically read from your enterprise resource planning system into ubinam Tracking live platform.
  • We can set the user interface of ubinam Tracking live platform and the reports in your corporate design.
  • See more possibilities of adapting that developers have.
  • You need a customised solution? Feel free to ask for a free consulting.

Choose Your Display

Now you can choose your display

  • For a car or a whole car pool the common solution is the ubibox and the navigation system.
  • For a truck or a truck fleet no matter which size the ubibox and the navigation system especially for trucks is the most chosen solution.
  • For a worker or a team the ubiapp is the most flexible solution
  • Other combinations or customised solutions are possible. Please contact us, if you want to learn more about that.

Technical data ubibox

  • Integrierte GPS/GSM Antenne
  • Integrierter Bewegungssensor
  • 10,8 – 32 V Spannungs-Bereich
  • Temperatur: -40°C bis +85°C
  • Maße: 105 x 83 x 28 mm
  • Optionale Erweiterungen:
    • Anschluss einer externen Antenne
    • Batterie
    • 3x digitale/analoge Eingänge
    • CAN Bus / FMS Schnittstelle

Technical data Garmin® „nüvi™ 2597 LMT“

Navigation system for cars

  • 5" touchscreen, 480x272px
  • Bluetooth® hands-free equipment
  • TMC pro (“Navteq Traffic”)
  • Size: 12,2 x 7,4 x 2,0cm
  • Lifetime map updates
  • Voice announcement
  • Maps for up to 44 countries

Technical data Garmin® „dēzl™ 760 LMT-D“

Navigation system for trucks

  • 7" touchscreen, 800x400 px
  • Photo real street view
  • Truck specific routing
  • Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands)
  • Bluetooth® hands-free equipment
  • TMC Pro ("Navteq Traffic")
  • Size: 187 x 114 x 23 mm
  • Maps for up to 44 countries


Here you can find the industries that normally use this solution. Please contact us, if you need a customized solution.

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