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Underestimated: The Web as a chance for logistics of news publisher

For the reader it is important to receive his newspapers in time. He does not know what challenges the logistics must face. The Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik GmbH masters this challenges with the help of a mobile app.


street lamp lighting rain at night
No matter which weather: The newspapers must be delivered.

It is three o'clock in the morning. It ist dark. And it is cold. Only those are outside who must be. Newspaper deliverer those who take care that every subscriber gets his newspapers until 6 o'clock in the morning. So the reader can have a look on the headlines while having his first cup of coffee.
The subscriber does not guess how much work and efficiency is necessary until this moment. The delivery is a two-step system: The printer gives the bundled newspapers to the haulage company. The carrier brings the newspapers to a a place where they are being distributed where postman pick them up and carry them to the readers.

The haulage contractor is the connecting link between the printer and the deliverer. Every haulage contractor is responsible for the newspapers being delivered to the right subscriber and in time. If a driver is absent for any reason there must be a substitute. They have to be quick, flexible and efficient in case of mishaps or delays.


two screenshots of the ubipress app that show the work time recording and the map.
The app for newspaper logistics

The App

The Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik GmbH brings a new mobile app into play that has been developed with the ubinam on demand GmbH. The app eases the tasks of the deliverers and reduces the paperwork. With the app a driver can take on his route and gets detailed information about it. The App has additional functions like navigation, time tables, required times for delivery and notes to where exactly place the newspapers. As the app uses GPS it knows automatically when a newspaper was delivered. If there should be a delay the driver fills in the reason for it in the app. Like this the whole process gets more transparent and the writing of a report can be dropped. There is no need to search for error causes.

The night shift can follow the delivery online and see whether everything is going trouble-free. If there should be a severe delay the night duty can intervene and coordinate supporting actions. Every morning after the delivery there is an automatically created detailed evaluation including reasons for delays.


In practice

Mr. Jürgen Baldewein, manager of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik GmbH, brought in the app ubipress. He says: „To us as a newspaper logistic company it pays off that we receive the reports contemporary and reliably. That is how we can review quality and improve it well-directed. At the same time we can see how the app makes the work of our subcontractors easier.“

ubinam manager Dr. Giuliano Visintini is delighted by the very good and productive cooperation with the Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik GmbH and its willingness to innovation: „The SZ Logistik is willing to go new ways. It takes over a pioneering role in its market.“

A innovative newspaper logistic company can use the internet and gain competitive advantage of it. Modern technology makes transparency and flexibility possible and keeps the company efficient and with a guaranteed future.


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