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Efficiency will make you lead

This is a very competitive market made harder by complex legal regulation and with little space for differentiation. We help you to lower your operational costs and to improve the quality simultaneously, leaving more capacity for additional revenues!
Our solutions can be funded by the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG). Contact us for further information.

Remote Download

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Legen Sie jeweils einen Zeitintervall für den Download der Daten des Tachographen und der Fahrerkarte fest. Unsere Plattform stellt automatisch fest, wann der Dowload fällig ist und startet ihn zu jeder Zeit, auch während das Fahrzeug unterwegs ist. Die Daten können per E-Mail oder über einen SFTP Server exportiert und können in Ihren Archiv automatisch hochgeladen werden. Bei Bedarf können Sie auch einen manuellen Download starten.
Die Vorteile für Sie:

  • Der Download muss nicht mehr vor Ort ausgeführt werden, weder der Disponent noch der Fahrer müssen ihre Arbeit dafür unterbrechen.
  • Sie müssen keinen Download nach Termin auslösen, das übernehmen wir für Sie.
  • Die Daten werden in Ihr Archivierungssystem eingespeist und stehen Ihnen auf ubinam Tracking Live zur Weiterverarbeitung zur Verfügung.

Lenk- und Ruhezeiten

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Die Lenk- und Ruhezeiten auf einen Blick.
Sie sehen:

  • den Fahrer, das Fahrzeug und die aktuelle Aktivität
  • den Tag in einem kompakten Balkendiagramm
  • Tageslenkzeiten und 4,5h-Intervalle
  • Anzahl der Wochenschichten über 9 Stunden
  • aktuelle Schichtzeit, Wochen- und Zweiwochenlenkzeit

Die Tortendiagramme zeigen sehr übersichtlich welchen Anteil vom gesetzlichen Maximalwert bereits beansprucht wurde und ermöglichen dadurch eine schnelle und sichere Entscheidung durch den Disponenten. Ist der Schwellwert überschritten, so ändert sich die Farbe von Blau auf Rot.
Die Vorteile für Sie

  • Lenk- und Ruhezeiten aus dem Tachographen jederzeit sichtbar
  • Gesetzliche Vorgaben leichter einhalten
  • Abweichungen stechen Ihnen direkt ins Auge

Transportation in real time

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

As a dispatcher you need to be always up-to-date about the status and locations of your vehicles.
ubinam Tracking live supports you by providing not only the current position but also the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
You can receive alerts e.g. for the vehicle reaching its destination. It helps you to detect delays and react to them for example by making new arrangements.
One of the main achievements of digital dispatching is the instant interaction between distributing centre and the drivers.
ubinam Tracking live makes the proof of delivery transparent for you and your customer.
Working time and driving time of your vehicles is also recorded and displayed. For more information see Fleed Management and Work Order Dispatching

Traffic conditions

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Current traffic conditions are shown on ubinam Tracking live. That includes slow-moving traffic, traffic jams and roadworks. Knowing the traffic you can predict the arrival time (ETA) more precisely, spot delays and react quickly by changing routes and arrangements.

The traffic datas are collected from different sources like driving vehicles and news about roasworks and congestions from institutions and departments. These datas are being consolidated and brought into a comprehensible form.

example of a fleet of orange tippers

With the ubinam fleet tracking solution you can always see where you vehicles are, which one is nearest to a customer, create fleet and vehicle reports. With a statistical overview of your fleet you will see the productivity and can decide whether to buy or to lease trucks or transporters.
Working time can be recorded automatically.
It is also possible to set alerts for various cases such as maintenance intervals or late activity warnings. This makes both work order dispatching and resource management much easier for you.

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Letting ubinam Tracking live read the vehicle data of your fleet you can get detailed reports about fuel consumption, brake and accelleration, overspeed and more data. That is how you can assess the driving behaviour of your drivers and compare it with others. You can get reports of vehicle data as a overall view of your fleet, for certain vehicles or down to a single truck. These reviews help you to calculate in advance and recognize and locate wastefulness, abuse and theft.

Monitoring of activities

orange truck driving away and alarm bell ringing, both orange on white ground

With geofencing you can define a certain area where your trucks, transporters, cars, forklifts, containers, trailers, swap bodies and everything else that has a ubibox is allowed to move. Leaving this area the ubinamTracking Live will send an alarm to you as SMS, mail or instant message. Then you can check what is going on and whether the item is allowed to leave this geofencing area or not.
This is also possible with activities monitoring. You can see when a vehicle or machinery is activated and decide whether it is a permitted activity or not. Especially, this is interesting when activated outside of the normal working times like on the weekend or at night.

Trip logs & Reports

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Keeping a manual trip log requires time, care and attention. With ubinam your drivers no longer have to take their time for this. You will get a precise automatic electronic trip log on ubinam Tracking live platform that you can print or export when ever you want to. Parking, idling and driving are part of this report. Even peripherals activity can be integrated such as tipper, hydraulic arms and cranes. For details see Electronic Trip Log.

Connected Navigation

Many subcontructors working on a building site with excavator and tippers

With the ubinam work order management the driver receives the the work orders and their updates directly on his navigation system's display and independently from the his availability. As soon as the driver starts a work order with one click the navigation will beginn. The system will give feedback to the dispatcher automatically so the driver can concentrate on his tasks. He can also send predefined short messages to the dispatcher.

Container, Trailer and Swap Body Tracking

example of the use of a transponder to see when a tipper is unloading or dumping his load

Next to your vehicles you need to have an eye on your containers, trailers and swap bodies. ubinam offers you two ways to do so. On the one hand we have the ubibox XL that has a very long lasting battery and is suited to outdoor use.
On the other hand we provide transponders that work togehter with a ubibox installed in your vehicles. That simplifies management and inventory of your equipment. Even trip logs for each of your belongings can be generated with this technologies.

Transportable Forklifts

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Truck-mounted or portable forklifts can have their own ubibox to be administrated seperatly from the truck. So the truck-loaded forklift can switch the truck it is going with and have their own trip log and theft protection. You can also get reports just for this on-board forklift and monitor its activities.
Mobile forklifts are sometimes hard to be found in extensive warehouses. ubinam can read the wirless position on predefined sites thus enebling in-house tracking even where the GPS signal is not available.

For more information go to Administration of Construction Machinery.

Interfaces & Integration

A worker melding something in a sheaf of sparks. Symbolising The process integration and individualisation of our solutions

The transport sector has its own processes, its own software, its own needs. We are your partner to support your process!

  • Get connected to freight exchanges like Timocom.
  • Your processes can be electronically integrated, exporting and importing data. For instance the data from ubinam Tracking live can be automatically read into your enterprise resource planning system.
  • Corporate identity is an important topic too: We can adapt the user interface of ubinam Tracking live platform and the reports to follow the look and feel of your company.
  • See more possibilities of adaptation for developers.
  • You need a customised solution? Feel free to ask for a consulting without obligations.


Here you can find the ready-to-use solutions were are offering. Choose among our solutions what you need and contact us.
Please also contact us, if you need a customized solution.

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