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Construction sector

Higher Productivity with less Resources

In the construction sector the priorities are productivity and risk management. Individual positioning solutions of ubinam can boost productive capacity and minimise risks. From fleet management to automatic reporting of working time, operating time or statements for the accounting – here you'll find every solution from a single source!

Offer Preperation Optimisation

Preparation of offers on ubinam Tracking live is also possible on tablet (iPad) and smartphone. Two persons, one man and one woman looking on a tablet together

To make a customer a realistic, fair and attractive deal you need to do some preparation. ubinam Tracking live supports you in this. Routes for materials handling can be planned on digital maps, varied with drag and drop and different stored suppliers can be selected. You can easily go through various options like that and find the best solution for you and your customer and save time and money for both of you. You can chose models for comparison and calculations. And the touch screen compatibility allows mobile use.

example of a fleet of orange tippers

With the ubinam fleet tracking solution you can always see where you vehicles are, create fleet and vehicle reports. Parking, idling and driving can be parts of this reports. Even peripherals activity can be integrated such as tipper, hydraulic arms and cranes. This makes both work order dispatching and resource management much easier for you and provides theft protection.

Construction Sites in real time

example for work order dispatching with ubinam Tracking live on two displays on a managers desk

Construction sites can be planed on Tracking live. The storing of this construction sites fastens up route planning and monitoring. Congestion and idling of resources can be detected quickly and avoided by real time monitoring. One of the main achievements of digital dispatching and location is the instant interaction between distributing centre and mobile forces. For more information see our article about Work Order Dispatching

Operating Resources

example of a graphical form of a utilisation report

An optimum asset capacity is essential for your efficiency. By detecting and avoiding idling with real time monitoring and reporting you can maximise this. An additional feature is the instant taking of inventory through telematics for construction machines. Your service planning can be supported by operating time reports and individually set alerts. On that basis you will get more transparency for your decision which machines to own, which to rent and when to rent them in time. You will be able to react quickly.

Subcontractors Coordination

Many subcontructors working on a building site with excavator and tippers

If you employ subcontractors you still need the same level of control. You may also want the features shown in this article in case of constantly changing subcontractors . We offer you the flexible ubibox Superpower that does not need fixed installation and has a battery autonomy of 1 week or more. The mobile app is even more flexible. Both of them offer you the same information rate as the more common ubibox and spare you the installation for short-time subcontractors .

Building workers constructing a building wearing helmets for safety

Working time can be measured both on vehicle basis and on personal basis. You can see where your drivers and workers are right now with the ubibox connected to vehicles and machinery. Apropriate app on the mobile phone or tablet of the worker makes this possible too. Work time reports show who was where for how long and what did he/she do. Work time recording is automated and follows the legal labor regulation. And with task reports you get more information and can write transparent bills for your customers.

example of the use of a transponder to see when a tipper is unloading or dumping his load

The management and inventory of your small machines, tools and container equiped with the ubinam transponders will be strongly simplified and able to be done in real time. Even trip logs for each machine can be generated with this technologies.

Two excavators, one orange, one red and one small machinery on a building site

The monitoring of your construction machines also supports your management and offers theft protection. The main goal is the collection of operating times to keep track of service requirements and usage patterns. Go to the solution for construction machines for more information.

Configure your Reporting

example of report for work time recording with time of start and end of work, break and working hours

As a manager you need different figures for your decision making. With ubinam Tracking live you can get a variety of digital reports:

  • Detailed log books
  • Events
  • Reports of arrivals and departure (for example to and from construction sites)
  • work time reports
  • operating time reports of machines
  • vehicle fleet report (general summary)

You can view them online or export them in different file formats like .pdf, .csv and .html.

Process Integration & customised solutions

A worker melding something in a sheaf of sparks. Symbolising The process integration and individualisation of our solutions

The construction sector has its own processes, its own software, its own needs. We are your partner to support your process!

  • Your processes can be electronically integrated, exporting and importing data. For instance the data from ubinam Tracking live can be automatically read into your enterprise resource planning system.
  • Corporate identity is an important topic too: We can adapt the user interface of ubinam Tracking live platform and the reports to follow the look and feel of your company.
  • See more possibilities of adaptation for developers.
  • You need a customised solution? Feel free to ask for a consulting without obligations.


Here you can find the ready-to-use solutions were are offering. Choose among our solutions what you need and contact us.
Please also contact us, if you need a customized solution.

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