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Key Date for De-Minimis 2018

The 1th of December 2017 is the key date for the registration of your heavy commercial vehicles. Complete the form now:

The development funds period starts at the 8th of January 2018.

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Neue Generation Garmin Navigationsgeräte

ubinam bietet mit seinem langjähirgen Partner Garmin eine neue Generation Navigationsgeräte an.

Die wichtigsten Vorteile für Sie zusammengefasst:

  • Dieses connected navigation device kann ohne Ortungsbox genutzt werden
  • ist robust gebaut und verfügt gleichzeitig über den Funktionsumfang eines Tablets
  • ist flexibel, da es nicht fest verbaut werden muss

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Maut-Tracker - free app

Since July 1, 2018, it is no longer so easy to know whether you are on a toll road in Germany and how long you drive on it. In addition, the existing OBUs no longer display the current costs.

Maut-Tracker is a new free app: It analyses the current journeys and calculates the toll costs.

Read more and download.


See what we can do for your industry. Please contact us, if you need a customized solution or a individual consulting.


Here you can find the ready-to-use solutions were are offering. Choose among our solutions what you need and contact us.
Please also contact us, if you need a customized solution.

Universal telematics solution for your requirements

You are looking for an all-round tracking solution?
You want a system that supports your office work, maximises your profitability and saves time for you and your customers?

Then you are at the right address!
ubinam provides the attractive solution for the main challenges of your industry and offers customisation if you have special requirements.


What ubinam provides you

ubinam enables you to track vehicle fleets like trucks, cars, transporters, machinery, containers, swap bodies, cash machines and small machines as dehumidifiers just as animals and goods in real time. It is also possible to record employee-specific work time and to mind people that need special protection. We also collect data (e.g. vehicle data) for you and transfer it to the multilingual multi-client user-friendly portal ubinam Tracking live. We can also integrate your processes for data transfer between Tracking live and your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or other programms.

There are two ways of integrating and customising Tracking live within your existing IT systems and Corporate Identity (CI): If you are a system integrator you can do the adaptation on your own or hand that task to your employees or an agency of your choice. ubinam can do this for you too as we have the advantage to be most familiar with our system.

On the ubinam Tracking live platform you can locate via GPS and GMS and manage your vehicle fleet in real-time at anytime and anywhere. Login on computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet and view our monitoring system on a BSI certified cloud server. That saves you as our customer from providing and maintaining your own server and server infrastructure including the dedicated equipment peripherals and carrier integration.

With just a few clicks you can get daily, weekly or monthly reports as detailed as you or the accounting needs them. These reports can also be downloaded and exported in different file formats or regular and fully automatic send via mail.

These may be in tabular or graphical form:

Additionally you can set different alarms for various situations. For example if one our your machinery should be moved without permission. That is one of the aspects of our theft protection. It also helps you to react quickly if e.g. a transporter would not be moved in time what supports your management. Geofencing can be a big help too.
Another helpful alarm is the one for the keeping of service intervals that can be combined with operating time recording.

ubinam is already serving a wide range of industries like construction sector, earth transport, transport and logistic , courier and shuttle services, field service, handcraft and service providers, charter and rental and personal security. The solutions we developed match with this industries as it fits to your enterprise! To enjoy the advantages of these solutions you just need the ubibox or the ubiapp and additionally a Garmin navigation system. All these you can order via mail or in a individual consultation on the phone or in a personal meeting just like you prefer it. Also get one of our free trainings. Contact us!


How Tracking live helps you

  • It simplifies your time and resources management of workers, vehicles, machinery and subcontractors.
  • It gives you more time for your customers and other activities.
  • It increases your revenue as you can use your resources much more efficiently. For example by avoiding delay and expanding your productive time. By the way, this also reduces your CO2 emission what makes your company environmentally friendlier.
  • And just in case: Your machinery can be protected against theft and abuse. And the proof of delivery can be provided.

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